Dress Code 22-23

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Stambaugh Middle School

2022 – 2023 Dress Code Policy

A positive relationship exists between a student’s actions/accomplishments and the way he/she dresses. The appearance of any young person is the responsibility of the individual and his/her parents. We expect students to maintain the type of appearance that is not a distraction to teachers or other students. All Stambaugh Middle School students are to be in school uniform while at school or representing the school at alternate locations.

Tops Bottoms
  • Students must wear a Stambaugh School or plain solid color T-Shirt or polo matching their grade level below.
    • 8th Grade: Navy Blue
    • 7th Grade: Royal Blue
    • 6th Grade: Charcoal Gray
  • Stambaugh T-Shirts may be purchased online or through the school guidance office.
  • School sports team shirts/uniforms may be worn on game days as permitted by the coach and administration.
  • Club shirts can be worn on Wednesdays as announced by administration
  • Students must wear black, gray, or tan color bottoms.
  • Shorts, pants, capris, skorts or skirts, including cargo, carpenter, and jogger style bottoms, are permitted.
  • Students cannot wear sweat pant or blue jean materials.
  • Hem must reach mid-thigh or longer.
  • Bottoms must be hemmed, not frayed.
  • All bottoms must be the appropriate size and worn at the waist.
  • Undergarments are never to be visible (no sagging)
  • No overalls, nylon, leather, sweatpants, or jumpers are allowed.
Other Dress Code Rules
  • Students are not allowed to wear clothing, jewelry, body piercings, buttons, haircuts, hair colors, tattoos, or other attire or markings which are offensive, suggestive, disruptive, or indecent.
  • Students cannot wear a flannel, button down or similar shirt/garment as a jacket to hide the grade level color shirt.
  • Students cannot wear hats, hoods, visors, bandanas, sweatbands, stocking caps, or other head coverings, either on their head or hanging from a pocket, belt loop, etc.
  • Students can wear hoodies but cannot wear the hood on their head on campus.
  • Students cannot wear hair combs or picks in the hair.
  • Students cannot wear flip flops, slides, or slippers.
  • Students cannot have frays, holes or tears in any clothing items including tops or bottoms.
  • Students cannot have blankets or similar items.
  • Any clothing that depicts gangs, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, profanity, obscenity, vulgarity, weapons, or violence are not allowed.  Students can change into a dress code shirt or remain in the choice room until a change of clothes can be brought for the student.
  • Principal or designee has the final say of what is considered appropriate or allowed.
Tee shirts Club / Team Shirts
Please use this link to purchase school shirts for your child. PLEASE also remember, you do not have to purchase from us, as long as the shirt is the correct color, it can be a tee shirt or a collar shirt.


Students in a club can wear the club shirt on Wednesdays as announced by administration.  In addition, students playing a school sponsored intermural sport may wear their team jersey or shirt on game days.
Dress Down Days
Every Friday Stambaugh Middle holds dress down days for $2 to raise funds for student incentives.  In addition, students can earn dress down passes to use by maintaining all As & Bs each 9 weeks.  Students must follow the following expectations:

  • The top and bottom students wear on dress down days must not have any items that depict gangs, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, profanity, obscenity, vulgarity, weapons or violence.
  • Students participating in a dress down day must not wear any item that is distracting to others.
  • Students participating in a dress down day cannot wear hats, hoods, visors, bandanas or other items prohibited above on their head.
  • Dress down days are a privilege and Administration reserves the right to hold the privilege from specific students who do not follow expectations.