As a traditional public school, we offer a robust array of academic and elective offerings for all students.  Through our Pre-Academies in Agriculture, Culinary, and Communications, students explore various career options through hands-on learning and practical applications.  In addition, SMS offers courses in all Fine Arts including: Chorus, Musical Theater, Orchestra, Band, Guitar, 2D and 3D Arts.

For core academics, SMS empowers students by offering advanced or high school level courses in all core academics to challenge students who are exceeding grade-level work. The advanced academic courses may allow students to earn high school credit and start the path to building the skills needed for Advanced Placement and college-level courses in high school.  In addition, all our Pre-Academies empower students through high school credit bearing courses to allow students to get in-depth, hands-on training and earn high school credit, so they can take part in internships at the high school level.  In addition, most of our Pre-Academies allow students to earn industry recognized certifications in various areas to secure an entry level job within various career fields.

We also empower students for success through two unique programs offered at SMS: The Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) and Genius Hour programs.

The AVID program is reflective of the school’s demographics and prepares the selected students for success in the military, college or technical training schools, or the workforce by focusing on personal character development, employability skills, as well as soft skills including organization and successful study habits.  In addition, students bring points of confusion from their core academic classes to the AVID class for tutorial sessions. In these sessions both peers and tutors support students to clarify and understand the assignments in their core classes.

The Genius Hour program provides students classified as academically gifted, along with a criteria-based selection of students, the opportunity to explore their interests in a classroom setting. The students are provided “pullout” time within the school day to work on Passion Projects facilitated by a teacher guiding students to problem solve and find solutions to problems of interest. The purpose for this program is to challenge our students to think outside the box and problem solve engaging in the highest level of critical thinking development.

SMS empowers all students to reach their highest success potential through programs of support to include:

  • Full inclusion model for students with disabilities taking regular standards courses
  • An immersive language approach for English language learners to continue learning content along with the language where English is not their primary spoken dialect
  • A dynamic learning environment for our students on Access Standards providing students with appropriate instruction in both core academic subjects along with life and social skills to include communication skills
  • A robust offering of support classes in reading and math to address students who are performing below grade level to provide an accelerated path to return to grade level performance and prepare students for success in core classes and set them up for success
  • Extended learning and tutoring both before and after school to provide extra support in all subjects for both remediation and acceleration of our students’ success

School counselors, psychologist, and social worker proactively address the needs of the whole student.  We look forward to empowering all of our students and families ensuring all students are successful in middle school.  If you have questions or need assistance, reach out to us so we can work together in providing an environment where all students are successful.


Stambaugh Middle School empowers students with knowledge, character building and skills development through academics, pre-academies and electives courses to allow the students to become well-rounded.  A brief description of each option is listed below.

Culinary Pre-Academy

Culinary Pre-Academy prepares students with the basic skills of working in a home and restaurant kitchen and leads to students having the opportunity to earn a Florida Safe Serve and/or Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) certification.  Industry recognized certifications allow students to gain employment in high school in the restaurant and retail industry. The certifications are recognized nationally and often sought after from many of our local theme parks.

Agriculture Pre-Academy

Stambaugh Middle School’s Agriculture Pre-Academy is the starting point for students to explore pathways and occupations related to the agriculture industry and serves as a place for students to learn by doing. Students gain hands-on experience with animals, plants and tools while learning about basic agricultural practices.


Stambaugh Middle School students may take up to three electives per school year, depending on whether they are performing at grade level. The school offers a vibrant selection of elective classes designed to engage students’ interests and pique their curiosity. Elective classes meet every day for 50 minutes. Electives include:


The Band program is designed to engage students in learning to play a wind or percussion instrument.  Musical opportunities are provided for every child to learn the basic skills of music theory, breathing, reading music, counting rhythms, and so much more.  No experience is necessary to join band other than a desire to play music!


The Chorus program is designed to enhance the musical, creative and expressive qualities of all students. Musical opportunities are provided for every child to learn the basic skills of music theory, singing, broadening listening skills, and exploring many styles of music from around the world in a fun and engaging way.

Musical Theatre

The Musical Theatre program is a wonderful opportunity to develop not only singing and acting skills; but, it allows students to be in a creative collaborative environment learning theatre history, improvisational skills, costume and stage design, and how to better themselves as a performer. Students will also learn audition skills as well as tools to continuously improve their individual performance.


In the SMS Orchestra, students learn to express themselves and their emotions in a productive and positive way, while building their cooperation and team skills through the language of music.


In Guitar class students have the opportunity to learn acoustic guitar.  They learn everything from reading music, holding the guitar to counting, and playing!  Students in guitar class work as a class for some, but are then self-paced to learn as much as they set their minds to!


This course focuses on the development of communicative competence in the target language and understanding of the culture(s) of the people who speak the language. The communication between students and instructors will be spoken in the target language.  Through consistent and comprehensible exposure to grammatically correct language, students develop an “ear” for language. By allowing students to proceed with natural language acquisition, fluency is promoted.


This course seeks to equip each student with a deeper understanding of who they are and who they want to be. Students are encouraged to look beneath the surface and become more than they originally thought possible. The course focuses on topics such as character development, managing change and conflict, team building, health, exercise, government, geography, information organization, and marching drills as an introduction to JROTC.